Random thoughts as I try to work

  1. Today sucks.
  2. I’m still angry from yesterday
  3. I’m eating my frog for the day. Or my first frog for the day. Can’t decide.
  4. I love ordered lists.
  5. I need to schedule posts for the General Store.
  6. This project plan is hella long
  7. Hunger Strike is the best rock song ever. Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. Wow.
  8. 11 unread emails. I gotta jump on that.
  9. I shouldn’t have read those emails.
  10. Why don’t they have an Iron Man Mr. Potato Head? I’d be all Take. My. Money.
  11. First pass through – update tasks. Second pass – update resources. Third pass – update work. Fourth pass – update predecessors. Final pass – sanity check. Sanity gone – check
  12. After two weeks of project planning, I have work vs. duration figured out no problem.
  13. Black Sabbath followed by Istanbul by TMBG is odd, to say the least.

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